Message from the Director of Parks & Recreation

Updated 4/1/2020

Dear Friends of Merrimack Parks & Recreation,
All of us here at the Parks & Recreation Department hope that this email finds you and your families healthy and safe. Like all Town Departments; the Parks & Recreation  Department is doing all that we can to continue operating as smoothly as  possible while trying to plan ahead amidst the uncertainties of this  pandemic.    

The  Parks & Recreation Department has cancelled all programs that were scheduled up thru Mid-May but Program Coordinator James Golisano and I  are still working hard each day to make all of the necessary  preparations for programs and special events that are scheduled to occur  from Mid May through the end of August.   

I would like to take a brief moment to remind the Merrimack community that the  Merrimack Town Council and Town Manager Eileen Cabanel have closed the  following recreational facilities until further notice:    

  • O’Gara Drive Skateboard Park
  • Basketball Courts (O'Gara Drive, Twin Bridge Park, Wasserman Park)
  • Twin Bridge Park (Entire Park is closed)
  • Norma French Playground at Wasserman Park
  • The Warriner Playground at Veteran’s Park
  • Sports are cancelled on all Town Athletic Fields.

Other  amenities within our Town Parks (Tennis Courts, Dog Park, walking  trails, Open Space Areas, etc.) will remain open at this time as long as visitors continue maintaining proper social distancing. 

With  the weather warming;  we know that children especially will be looking  to gravitate to our playgrounds, skateboard park and basketball courts  to meet friends, get fresh air and get exercise.While we encourage people to get outside; we also recognize that we are at a critical  period in the fight versus COVID-19 and social distancing is crucial to  winning that fight.   

If  you have not looked the Parks & Recreation Department website  recently; we have created a Parents Resource page with a variety  of free games & activities that can be done at home or out while  practicing social distancing. This was done with the help of some of our  staff; our independent contractors and volunteers. Each week, we will be continuing to add new content to this page. Scroll down below to view this information. 

We  are also posting daily updates of activities and Town COVID-19  Information on our Facebook Page. If you do not currently follow us on  Facebook; we would encourage you to do so in order to keep up to date  with any changes.  Our Facebook Page, can be found here:  

The  Town of Merrimack also has a central repository of information  pertaining to COVID-19 with Town, State and Federal information which is  updated almost every day. The Town website can be found here.

As  I mentioned earlier; we are making preparations for Summer and are  still planning on running our Summer Camp Programs as long as the CDC,  the State of New Hampshire and the Town's Emergency Management  authorities deem it safe to do so. This afternoon, I participated in a  conference call with the NH Department of Health & Human Services  who are responsible for issuing licenses for Summer Camps to operate.  They told us this afternoon that they are still moving ahead with  issuing those Camp licenses for the summer at this point.    

Registration  for our Summer Camps is open and on-going and a number of the sessions  are starting to fill up already. Details regarding our Summer Camp  programs  can be found on our website. Similarly,  we are continuing to recruit summer staff for Camp and so if you know  of someone looking who is for a summer job; our positions are listed on  the Town website found here.  

We  will continue to provide updates as they become available in this  rapidly changing situation and we wish good health to you all!    


Matthew Casparius, CPRE
Director of Parks & Recreation 

Contact Us

Town offices (including the Parks & Recreation Department) are currently  closed to the public, but Program Coordinator James Golisano and I are  still available by phone and by email to answer any questions that you  may have. 

You can reach us by calling the Parks & Recreation Office  at 603-882-1046. 

Email Us: 

James Golisano, Program Coordinator  

Matt Casparius, Director of Parks & Recreation -   

Parent Resources

As Recreation professionals, part of our job is to create social contact. and we are now being asked to create social distance which for a period of time will will have a tremendous impact on everyone.  With schools in New Hampshire being closed until further notice, we want to create a list of free resources that provide educational opportunities and other important information for parents who are home with their children during this time. 


TALKING TO KIDS ABOUT Coronavirus (COVID-19): Article  By Cookie Suarez, publisher of Macaroni Kid Buckhead-Midtown-Brookhaven, Ga. 


30 FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES KIDS CAN USE AT HOME: Article By  Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, Calif. and Barbara  Evangelista, publisher of  By Barbara Evangelista, publisher of Macaroni  Kid Lowell, Mass.

SCHOLASTIC LEARN AT HOME:  Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing sorted by grade.   

LEARN IN COLOR: Includes activities to do when stuck indoors, kid friendly podcasts, online museum tours, math worksheets and more. 


ART FOR KIDS: YouTube Channel specifically for kids art programs.

GO NOODLE:  GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are! 

COOL PROGENY: OPERATION STORY TIME:  Your Favorite Authors Host Story Time Online! 


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A sample way to break up your kids day so that they still engage learning. By Macaroni Kid.

Provided by Macaroni Kid of Manchester. 

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