Function Hall Rental Information

Looking  for a venue to host your next holiday gathering, reunion or birthday  party?  Then consider the Function Hall at Wasserman Park. This campy  style building provides a comfortable atmosphere among 46 acres of  parkland and provides an affordable option for your next event. 

Rentals  are available 7 days per week between 7:00 am – 11:00 pm. Parks &  Recreation Department activities have priority use of the building.  Rentals are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis based upon  availability. The building is equipped with a new heating system, new  carpeting, bathrooms and a commercial kitchen. The facility has WIFI  internet and tables & chairs are provided.

There  are two main rooms in the building which are included with your rental.  The Front Room measures 25 feet x 35 feet (875 square feet) and can  hold up to 100 people standing or 50 people if seated theater or  classroom style based upon our New Hampshire Permit to Operate a Place  of Assembly. The Main Hall measures 35 feet x 50 feet (1750 square feet)  with a high ceiling and can hold up to 200 people standing or 140 if  seated theater or classroom style based upon our New Hampshire Permit to Operate a Place of Assembly. When you rent the facility it comes with  the use of tables & chairs. We have 140 folding chairs, 16 six foot  rectangular folding tables & 10 eight foot rectangular folding  tables.

We  have a commercial kitchen which features a Propane Convection Oven,  Commercial Stove, Refrigerator, Walk-In Freezer and Microwave along with a three compartment sink. 


  • Resident: $125.00 for 3 hour block of time
  • Non-Resident: $300.00 for 3 hour block of time
  • Additional Hour: $25.00 for each additional hour
  • Kitchen Use: $50.00 (FLAT RATE FEE)


All Function Hall rentals require a certificate of liability insurance naming the Town of  Merrimack as additionally insured. The insurance policy must provide  for general liability coverage with limits no less than $1,000,000 per  occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, for person injury, bodily injury  and property damage. Applicants may obtain this policy from their own  insurance carrier or they can obtain a Tulip Event Insurance Policy using Venue ID Code: OB54 084. 

The typically cost of the renters insurance using our insurance carrier is $77.00 for events without alcohol and $153.00 for events with insurance. The renter is responsible for obtaining the insurance policy. If you are using our insurance carrier; you will pay the insurance company the fee and they will provide you with the certificate of insurance that you will need to send to us. The insurance information is due no later than 1 week prior to your event. 


Rules For Alcohol Consumption:
The Town of Merrimack does not carry it's own liquor liability  insurance. However, alcohol is permitted inside the Function Hall under  the follow conditions:

  • Applicant must hire a Caterer or Bartender to serve the alcohol.
  • Caterer/Vendor  must also provide a certificate of liability insurance with limits no  less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate and which  names the Town of Merrimack as additionally insured.
  • All alcohol must remain inside the Function Hall.
  • The  Bartender/Caterer can be anyone who meets the above qualifications. The  Town of Merrimack does not endorse any particular vendor, but as a  matter of convenience has developed a list of some local suggestions.

General Rules & Regulations:

  • No smoking is allowed anywhere inside the building. 
  • No  fog machines or pyrotechnics devices are allowed. If the fire alarm or  the sprinkler system is set off, fines will be imposed upon the renter.
  • Tacks,  push pins or similar hardware to hang decorations should not be used.  If tape is used, it must be fully removed afterwards. Hanging  decorations from sprinkler system pipes are prohibited.
  • Groups  using the facility are responsible for room setup and neatly returning  all tables and chairs to the storage area. The Function Hall must be  left secure with all lights turned off and windows closed and locked.
  • Users  are responsible for cleaning up after any activity including, but not  limited to, picking up trash and arranging the room back to its original  condition. 
  • All  trash should be collected and properly disposed of in the dumpster  outside. Failure to cleanup will result in a fee being charged for  cleanup.
  •  The Town of Merrimack and its employees are not responsible for any lost  or stolen articles or for the safety of any property brought onto the  premises.
  • Any damages to Town property, even accidental damages are the  responsibility of the individual or organization renting the facility.  Damages must be reported to the Parks & Recreation Department within  24 hours or the next business day. In addition, all injuries or  incidents including vandalism or theft must be reported to the Parks  & Recreation Department within 24 hours or the next business day.
  •  Applicant is applying for the use of the Function Hall building at  Wasserman Park only; all other amenities at Wasserman Park are open to  the general public and usage of those amenities cannot be restricted.

For questions or more information, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 603-882-1046 or you can Email Us

Facility Address

116 Naticook Road

Merrimack, NH 03054

For more information call Merrimack Parks & Recreation at:  603-882-1046


Function Hall Rental Application (pdf)


TULIP Renters Insurance Information (pdf)


Caterer & Bartender List (pdf)